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Analysis will include the explanation as to how SATURN, JUPITER, RAHU & KETU are going to affect you for the next 18 months approx along with the dasha analysis of a year.

These planets have the most say in what theme or what areas will remain of concentration for approx 1.5 years. these are the major planets whose results matters the most. 

Why you should go for this reading?

  • these planet's transit causes start of something i.e career, marriage, purchase of land, luxury etc.

  • rahu & ketu placement will tell which area is going to take your most energy for next 18 months.

  • where you'll get cheating, and from where you'll feel detached 

  • do's and don'ts during the transit.

  • remedies


This shall be a detailed reading with analysis through houses and nakshatras.

NOTE: this reading will be in the form of audio report, zoom meeting is not applicable here.

Discrepancy in INR & USD is due to integration and conversion charges.


Price:  For INR make UPI transfer ---> 3070 INR 

[UPI: anmollastrologye@sbi ]


For international cards ---> 62.55USD

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