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(career, finance, transit)

Career is one of the most important area of life. And most of the times people are confused with which career to choose.

So here is how astrology can help you with it.

  • To choose what career you are meant to follow according to your destiny point.

  • Your inbuilt talents that can help you turn your passion into profession.

  • Dhan and raaj yogas, they tell us which profession or whether you’ll be able to earn a good amount of money.

  • To know which is your path to follow. Independent business or job.

  • What are the career opportunities coming ahead.

  • Which is the best time period or ages in regards to career.

  • Queries related to finances and financial condition.


Analysis will include, conclusion using:

  • Analysis of D1, D10 and other necessary charts

  • Bhrigu bindu analysis

  • prashar yogas, placements etc

  • Jamini astrology AK, AMK, arudha lagna, karakamsha lagna etc.

  • Dashas: Vimshotri, yogini, char and Narayan dasha.

  • KP

  • Of course prashna & gochar chart for answering the queries.

  • Remedies (if required)


NOTE: while registering your birth details, you will get 2 options. Email audio report (no certain time limit) or zoom conversation 40 minutes.

If you choose email report: Kindly drop me an email after the purchase, regarding all the questions you have. As it is most convenient to make the report along with the focused questions for better clarity.


(no limit on number of questions, must be related to the purchased reading only)

Discrepancy in INR & USD is due to integration and conversion charges.

You do not need to have paypal account, paypal option is just a medium for transaction.


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For international cards ---> 89.99USD 

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