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Certified Astrology Course

This astrology course includes basics of astrology. The focus of this course is to make seekers understand the practical aspect of astrology and how to use it to give accurate predictions. If you expect an astrology course to be more theoretical, then this might not be the one for you. This course is framed using real life charts and discussions. This course consists of necessary knowledge only, which creates deeper understanding and good applicability. Like how zodiac signs, planetary placements produce an outcome. For example, snapshot techniques of marriage at the distance or in neighbourhood, physical appearance of spouse or the person himself, government job or business, snapshot techniques and fundamental results of dashas plus how it can differ from person to person etc. This course also includes bonus lessons, where you shall study how to predict one's marriage timing, destined career. 

Feedbacks from Previous Students

"Hi Anmoll,

I am really blessed to have attended your astrology class as well as counseling sessions. I found your sessions logical, with a lot of insights & accurate. You are a blessed angel with an excellent memory, expressive skills and intuition. You have for sure lots of past life good karmas to absorb and express this Vedic knowledge in such a wonderful way and that too at such a young age. The best part I found in you was your purity of intention and sincerity in action which is for sure the foundation of your success also. Blessings and support for your further clarity, blossoming and expansion so that many more get benefitted by your guidance.

Well-wishing Regards,

~Devan BP "

"I have been an Astrological service client of Anmoll for a few years now. I had always been impressed and satisfied with her services and the level of accuracy in her prediction.

Now, recently with the launch of her new astrological training class, I decided to go ahead and take the course to fulfill my curiosity and hunger to know more about this subject.

And I can tell you, I was very impressed with how she taught astrology for someone who had no background and I was already able to do a basic reading of a chart within a few classes.

Her course contents are beautifully designed and thoroughly covers everything that a beginner needs to know. 

During the class, we did lots of case study and practically experimented the theory on our own charts and the results were amazing. 

It was very much fun to learn and work with her.  She is very personable, patient and down to earth, she likes to help people and provide the best of her services and make sure clients are happy and satisfied.

so i undoubtedly recommend her service and her astrology training courses. 


Thank you!


Hi Anmol, 

I genuinely have no words to express how blessed I feel to have taken up ur astrology course. U explained each & every concept in so much detail & with so much clarity. Also, the fact that u extend ur classes beyond the set time makes u so different from other teachers. The way u explain every concept with numerous examples is superb. I will definitely join all ur upcoming courses as well.

Lots of Love & Prayers, 

~Vasudha Khanna.

The vedic astrology course taught by Anmol was extremely fun and informative. This course can be taken by beginners as all the basics are covered. Anmol explained each and every concept with so much information and real time charts. She has extensive experience in predicting events. Unlike traditional astrologers, Anmol's take on astrology is very practical and relatable in today's mundane life. I liked the interactive approach which helped me learn easily. After every class she spent extra time answering all our questions. This course is worth it and highly recommended. Thanks Anmol.




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