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(foreign settlement, transit, direction)

Analysis on the basis of D1, D9, D12, Gochar & other necessary charts (if any),

Analysis would include:

  • Whether there is foreign settlement according to stars.

  • Timings related to documents, legal formalities, getting visa etc.

  • Timing of actual foreign travel.

  • Timing of PR, or other visas.

  • Timing of foreign settlement.

  • Opportunities or blockages related to travel or settlement

  • Which direction or country you are most likely to travel.

  • Answers to present queries through prashna chart

  • Remedies (if required)


NOTE: while registering your birth details, you will get 2 options zoom conversation 30 minutes or email audio report.

If you choose email audio report: Kindly drop me an email after the purchase, regarding all the questions you have. As it is more convenient to make the report along with the focused questions for better clarity.


(no limit on number of questions, must be related to the purchased reading only)

Discrepancy in INR & USD is due to integration and conversion charges.


Image by Marios Gkortsilas

Price:  For INR make UPI transfer ---> 3070 INR 

[UPI: anmollastrologye@sbi ]


For international cards ---> 62.55USD

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