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Analysis will include the explanation as to how SATURN is going to affect you during your sade sati period. The results for sade sati are not always similar for each and every individual.

REMEMBER: It is not necessary that the first phase is mediocre, second phase worst and third phase relieving for everyone. The three phases give different results and trigger different events for different people depending on their whole chart, ongoing mahadasha, tribhagi, houses in which Saturn will be transiting etc. 


Why you should go for this reading?

  • to understand your purpose in life.

  • what saturn is here to teach.

  • sade sati makes the native search for answers as to what is causing suffering in their life. these questions are answered with this analysis.

  • indepth analysis of 7.5 years of saturn's transit along with maha- antardashas.                                                                                   


This shall be a detailed reading with analysis through houses and nakshatras.

NOTE: while registering your birth details, you will get 2 options zoom conversation 60 minutes or audio report.

If you choose email audio report: Kindly drop me an email after the purchase, regarding all the questions you have. As it is more convenient to make the report along with the focused questions for better clarity.


(no limit on number of questions, must be related to the purchased reading only)

Discrepancy in INR & USD is due to integration and conversion charges.


Price:  For INR make UPI transfer ---> 4720 INR

[UPI: anmollastrologye@sbi ]

For international cards ---> 89.99USD

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