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Prashna is one of the most important techniques in astrology with highest accuracy level.

At the point of time when the native asks a question or approaches the astrologer, the chart is casted which will tell everything that is going on within his/her life and what shall be the upcoming/ most recent events.

Why you should go for this reading?

  • if you have different questions regarding your life at the very moment.

  • if your questions are situation specific, i.e about an interview, exam, job change, present partner etc.

  • if you wish to have a general reading regarding all the possible predictions in near future.

Note: this consultation is about on going and recent possible situations. The parshna chart will tell your current situation and it's future predictions. For indepth analysis related to areas of life from BIRTH CHART & DIVISIONAL CHARTS, please refer to the other options. 


NOTE: while registering your birth details, you will get 2 options zoom conversation 30 minutes or audio report.

If you choose email audio report: Kindly drop me an email after the purchase, regarding all the questions you have. As it is more convenient to make the report along with the focused questions for better clarity.


(no limit on number of questions, must be related to the purchased reading only)

Discrepancy in INR & USD is due to integration and conversion charges.


*Please book OPTION 9 if you have ALREADY CONSULTED for any other reading before. This reading involves analysis of REAL TIME CHART AND NOT BIRTH CHART*


Image by Andrik Langfield

Price:  For INR make UPI transfer ---> 2999 INR

[UPI: anmollastrologye@sbi ]

For international cards --->  62.16USD

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