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Anuradha nakshatra is the nakshatra that falls in the sign of SCORPIO ♏️ between 3degrees20mins - 16degrees40mins. This nakshatra is ruled by SATURN 🪐 and the deity is MITRA (THE SUN GOD).

Since anuradha falls under the domain of mars ☄️(sign lord) and saturn 🪐(nakshatra lord). Here the energies of both mars and saturn are combined. That means that anuradha nakshtra people are scientific 🥸 in nature. Here the energy of mars is controlled by saturn. Although scorpio being the natural 8th house, is a very intense 🤯sign. It is known as the dark knight of the soul. But due to saturn’s influence on this nakshtra, these people are actually the most pure hearted people you’ll come across. Mars and saturn combination makes a person reasonable, technical, strict, dynamic and courageous.

The symbol of anuradha nakshtra is “THE LOTUS”. Just like a lotus blooms in muddy waters, these natives regardless of awful surroundings can still be the pious ones. Here we need to understand the lotus flower. Just like it blooms and finds its position in the muddy water slowly and steadily. Similarly these people go through major transformation and challenges before they find their stability in life.

This nakshatra is known as “THE STAR OF SUCCESS”😎, most of the successful people have this nakshtra prominent. Usually astrologers refer to the scorpio ♏️ sign as one of the turbulent sign that hinders growth & success, since it is natural 8th house, but this sign is necessary to be successful in life. Unless you go through failures and challenges you won’t reach at the top 🔝 . Even SHUKRA/ VENUS was born in the sign of scorpio. Venus being in scorpio or 8th house makes a person leave a legacy behind.

Another theme that is associated with anuradha is the love story 🥰 of radha and DEVOTION. Just like radha could not marry her love yet was devoted to krishna, these natives fall in love in their early age and will not end up getting married to their childhood love. Also these natives may experience a love triangle 👩‍❤️‍👨 involving a satabishak native.Another thing that you will observe with these people is that they lack proper communication 🗣 skills that is because jupiter being the 2nd house lord from scorpio gets debilitated in the 3rd house. For example: whenever you get upset ☹️ with these people, rather than talking it out with you, they will show you indifferent 😏 attitude, that’ll make them appear as they are showing ego. In fact in reality thats their way of reacting towards the hurt 😔 they experience while there loved one is not talking to them. Out of all the water signs scorpio is the most sensitive sign. These natives can appear to be egoistic but that is because in early stages of life they experience lack of self worth, they overanalyse every step they take resulting in low confidence. Although i’ve always seen anuradha people having a constant struggle against this trait and acting confident when required.

Apart from this these people are extremely courageous since mars is exalted in the 3rd house from anuradha nakshtra. They become patient and understanding over time that is why they make best pyschologists 👩🏻‍🏫. These people are very responsible as well. Moon 🌝 gets debilitated in Vishakha, scorpio. Whereas its exalted in taurus. But you will observe that these people will hardly betray you if you are important to them but taurus natives would easily do that. These people get offended 😡easily and behave competitively with others.

Due to saturn’s & 8th house influence these people have to go through heavy karma before the success. These people can also be subject to harassment or abuse 🤬. If moon or 4th lord is in anuradha, these people might not have had the best childhood. These natives go through ways of intense emotions 🤯 in their life and will have to transform the way they connect or react emotionally to the outer world 🌎 .

The sign of scorpio represents the genitals. These people are really sexual in nature. These people get deeply involved in their sexual relationships and find it extremely hard to go through a breakup. They reach the climax quickly so that may not satisfy the partner, if the partner is of incompatible yoni. This also happens with varuna (satabishak). This generally happens when they have sex at home. But outside of home this may not happen. So they must travel with their spouse frequently to have a balanced sexual life.

Career wise you’ll see scientists 👩‍🔬 , tech freaks 📱⌚️, engineers, psychologists, astrologers, psychiatrists, risk calculators, insurance agents etc with this nakshatra. Even more than any other sign these people are calculative, since the sign of scorpio or 8th house is considered to be deep dark hole, these people are fearful 😰 in nature, that is the reason why these people tend to evaluate risks way before something happens and even look for safety measures accordingly.

Planets behave differently in each pada of anuradha nakshtra.

Pada 1: this pada is related to dharma and falls in leo navamsa. So this is more associated with political and mythological knowledge. These people are quiet passionate and can be very aggressive. The challenge they’ll face is to lower down their anger and ego with time.

Pada 2: this pada is related to artha and falls in virgo navamsa. So this is more associated with being at service, critical, analytical and workaholic. The challenge they’ll face is related to communication problems, verbal conflicts, not being able to express their feelings at first but then becoming direct, precise and clear due to mercury being exalted here. Any planet that falls in this pada becomes pushkara navamsa.

Pada 3: this pada is related to kama and falls in libra navamsa. So this is more associated with relationships, unionship, contracts, business. The challenge they’ll face is related to relationships, breakups, abuse ultimately becoming intelligent enough to balance and be organised in relationships. Any planet that falls in this pada becomes pushkara bhaga.

Pada 4: this pada is related to moksha and falls in scorpio navamsa. Any planet that falls under this pada becomes vargottama. So this is more related to occult science, chakras, transformation. The challenge they’ll face is related to intense situations in their life. Due to vargottama these natives are able to go through the hardships of life.

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