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So it took me a while to understand this picture as per the understanding of astrology. This photo made me think of ARDRA nakshatra 💧.

The nakshtra of ARDRA falls between 06 degrees 40 minutes to 20 degrees 00 minutes Gemini. This nakshtra is ruled by the north node of the moon, rahu.

There is a combination of lavender’s wildness, gemini ‘s air 🌬 element that signifies intelligence and a purple🚪door in between of the forest-like area representing, finding an opening to something new.

You all must’ve heard about the mythological story of rudra, the aghori avatar of lord shiva 🕉. The tear drop 💧 , storm ⛈ , crying 😭, shouting of rudra out of anger 🤬, frustration and grief. Apart from these there are a few traits that have been observed in real life.

First of all ARDA nakshtra represents a dog 🐕 . These people possess the characteristics of a dog such as being faithful, alert😳 and observant 🧐. Further these people are unable to control there emotions so one can easily guess about their moods from there face and reactions. Although, one thing must know that such results can be twisted on the basis of the planetary placement, aspect & condition of this nakshtra in one’s horoscope. If this nakshtra is afflicted these people might hate or are sacred of animals especially dogs 🐶 and they might possess qualities opposite to what is mentioned above.

Secondly these people have a natural inclination towards wild flowers 🌺 , fragrances such as lavender, essential oils etc. These natives shall use traditional methods of healing ⚕️, that in india what we call as ‘desi nuske’ 💊. These people also find keen interest in ayurveda 🍃and have natural understanding of it.

Being in the airy sign of mercury, these people are highly intelligent & observant 🤓. These natives are keen observers. They’ll understand what you are about to say 🗣just from a hint. On the down end these people are manipulative and pessimistic .

Just like the purple door 🚪 in between the wild flowers. These people are always searching for a way out of the chaos around them. Ardra people are quite indulging, these people feel that it’s their dharma to take the misery of others just like Shiva took halahal, the poison in his throat so that everyone else could have have the elixir🍹. Because of such nature these people are found in a chaotic surroundings. If connected to the 2nd or 4th house, this makes them have a distorted home or family life. So there is always a search of escape within them. Their intellect and there intentions keep them in a loop.

Malefics in this nakshtra in trik houses (3,6,11) does extremely well. Since they give enough valour and courage to the native to achieve their goals in life.

If ardra is connected to the 5th or 10th houses of d1 or d9. Such natives shall go into technical education. I’ve seen mostly Information Technology (IT) professionals 🧑🏻‍💻& makeup artists💄with this.

Most of the times it is said that being the nakshtra ruled by RAHU, these people are eccentric, unorthodox and unusual people. Rather they are the most traditional n orthodox people. These people will either dress up 👗 as if they are going to a red carpet event or will dress up like a beggar, nothing in between. These natives at one point in life experience a major transformation due to rahu’s presence. And as a result of this transformation these people hardly bother about what society says that is why they become oblivion to other people’s opinion and are able to achieve their ultimate goal.

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