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Ashwini nakshtra is the 1st nakshtra that falls in the sign of Aries ♈️ upto 13 degrees 20 minutes. This nakshtra is ruled by the south node ketu. Further the deity of this nakshtra is ashwin kumars and symbol is the horses head🐴. Each and every thing mentioned above related to this nakshtra shows the characteristics of this nakshtra.

The deity ashwin kumars were two brothers those who were born by the mating of sun 🌞god being a horse 🎠, who came to the earth in search of her wife Sanjana & Sanjana who was roaming on the earth being a mare.

Ashwini nakshtra is said to be the star 🌟 of healing. Ashwin kumars are two twin 👬brothers out of which one is a healer😇 and another is a prankster😈. Due to this, ashwini people have dual nature. These people have split personality behaviour, sometimes they voluntarily jump in to help you and act as a healer to you but other times they would become a prankster and do ill or betray you.

You shall observe one thing with these people that these people are like chameleons, they adjust in every situation, meaning they’ll gel up according to the type of crowd they are standing in, if they are with kids they’ll become a kid, if they are in a high society they’ll act like a highly sophisticated person, if they are in a casual adventurous setting they’ll act similarly and this is the main reason that these people shine out in public 🤩and people become fond of them and their personality.

On the other hand you’ll observe that these people are extremely passionate, impulsive, go-getters & adventurous 🏇. These natives are the initiators. You’ll always see ashwini people leading the crowd or important events. And they’ll always reach at meetings or events on time as they will be the significant part of such events so they shall have the responsibility to do so. These people are secret 🤫 keepers, they have a number of secret information ℹ️ present with them. That is why these people become researchers👩‍🔬 & astrologers 🧐.

Due to the connection with ketu. Ketu is mostly considered as a planet of spirituality😇 & detachment but more than the above two traits ketu is about dictatorship i.e due to ketu representing “a flag” 🚩you’ll feel you’ve conquered the area ⛳️wherever ketu is placed. Ketu is conquering, fierce😡, destructive 🤯& competitive. On the positive end ketu is self-analysis, realisation, spirituality👐, higher purpose, research🧑‍🔬.

Another thing that you might’ve heard about ashwini is that ashwini represents doctors 🥼 . But in reality ashwini nakshatra represents healers. Since ashwin kumars were the first ones to introduce Ayurveda🌱 and healing in that era. This nakshtra is related to healing. Here, Healing is not just related to medicines 💊or herbs but it is related to positivity, positive vibrations, feelings etc. Instead you’ll observe that all ketu nakshtra natives will give out positive vibrations🧘‍♀️in their aura. Ashwini natives become excellent healers.

Another pattern you’ll observe with ashwini natives is that because of their prankster nature, these people can become deceivers😈. There is a theme associated with ashwini natives that these people seduce 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 other people’s boyfriend/ girlfriend/ wife/ husband. Like many astrologers, in my experience as well i’ve seen such cases where 7th lord is associated with ashwini and the person tries to cut off a person from their existing relationship and make them his/her own partner👩‍❤️‍👨. Further these people can betray them too.

Ashwini nakshtra symbol is horse 🐎 . In computers we use the word “horsepower” to represent “fast speed”. Similarly, ashwini natives are as fast💨 as horses🐎 . When ashwini natives walk🚶🏻‍♀️ they walk very fast🏃🏻‍♀️. These people are always in a rush to complete things or tasks.

You’ll observe that there are blinders on the either side of the face of the horse. That is in order to prevent them to look in the sides 👀and to focus 👁 on the goal 🎯 or the way. Likewise you’ll observe that these natives become so focused on their goal 🎯that they become inconsiderate of the surroundings & other people. And sometimes they don’t even finish the task unlike bharani natives in the sign of aries ♈️ .

Wherever Ashwini nakshtra falls you’ll show off or be boastful about that area. You shall be commanding towards the significance of that house. Another thing that i learnt is that the relative that is represented either by the house or the planet sitting in the third from aries ♈️ i.e wherever gemini ♊️ falls. The relative significator will have an unusual or socially unacceptable event happened in their life. For example, if a person has sun ☀️ in the 9th house in gemini ♊️ and ashwini falls in the 7th. The native’s father might’ve had two marriages or an affair with another woman or an affair with a woman with significant age difference.

Ashwini is also related to travelling 🧳 so you’ll see whenever ashwini is related to your 3rd,9th,12th houses you’ll travel a lot and that too mostly for adventurous activities where you’ll pack essential items with you always. If a person has ashwini associated with 10th house, native shall travel ✈️ for work.

Lastly, ashwini being the very first nakshtra and ruled by ketu. There is always karma related with that area as ketu is past life karmas and ashwini being the 1st nakshtra means that you are here to pay off the karmas and it’s just the beginning of it for you in this life or janam. But you’ll observe that ketu doesn’t do well in many ways in Ashwini nakshtra whereas rahu gives good results in this nakshtra.




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