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13degrees 20 minutes aries to 26degrees 40minutes aries.

Bharani Nakshatra can be quoted into two phrases i.e “she who bears” and “extremes”. This nakshtra is the first and one of the most feminine nakshtra out of the 27 nakshtras. This nakshtra is represented in celestial firmament by a group of three faint stars forming a

triangle in constellation of Aries. These three stars together form the female sexual organ or vagina or vulva. That is why this nakshtra represents the womb and hence is quoted as she who bears. The womb of a woman grows and nurtures a baby for 9 months. Similarly the positive side of bharani is to grow and nurture, the feminine side of bharani nakshatra is about growth and nourishment. If afflicted badly it will reverse the effect.

On the other hand, bharani is seen as a doorway between different worlds. It deals with birth, death, transformation and rejuvenation. They are also seen to represent restraint, caution, jealousy, secrecy, forbearance, struggle, sacrifice,sexuality, nurturing and maternal love.

Bharani nakshatra is associated with the planet Venus that is why they sustain the traits like love, harmony and union-ship. Bharani natives usually have large, expressive eyes, a prominent head, medium sized lips and a smile to die for. Their smile is their most distinguishable and charming feature.

The deity of this nakshtra is YAMA, the god of death. That is why this nakshtra is much feared about. Although it is not exactly death experience but bharani is associated with death-like or out-worldly experiences. These natives can experience death like situations or astral travel when activated in the chart.

The two extremes of bharani nakshatra are “birth” and “death”, birth because of the symbolism of vagina or womb, through which the soul enters this world and death because this nakshatra is associated with the god of death.

Since neither the birth of the child can be predicted nor the death of the human being, at what exact time the child will come into this world or at what exact time the soul shall depart from this world. Similarly it's hard to predict the temper of a Bharani native. Thats why this nakshtra is quoted as “extremes”. Even the body parts associated with this nakshtra is the “head” and the “feet” again the two polar ends of the physical body.

Lord Yama is not just the god of death but also the god of dharma according to the vedic texts. Yama’s duty to assign life paths for souls who have left their earthly bodies, it becomes clear that he has to be well versed in laws of Karma and Dharma.

Yama, despite being Lord of death, is a very jovial deity. His lightheartedness finds expression through Bharani’s playfulness and joyousness. That is why apart from the fierce side you will see the playful side of bharani natives as well. This is the duality of this nakshatra which comes out abruptly (positively or negatively) being a fire sign.

Yama is only feared by those who fear death and those whose Karmas are not good. Very similar to this is Goddess Kali, the other deity of this nakshtra, kali is fierce and fiery, dark and destructive side form of Parvati. However kali is known to kill demons inside out.

The playful side of bharani natives makes them appear child- like you shall see them being excited like a small child over little things and fierce at the smallest disappointment. They have the traits like excitement, adventurous eagerness, hopeful. These natives are initiators and always up for trying new things. They have a strong sense of adventure in fields they pursue. It is seen that they can only achieve their goals if they are under constant

guidance from a more mature and wiser source. Hence the association(aspect) of mature planets like jupiter, saturn with this nakshatra can do well for these natives.

Just like a child wants to experience all of its surroundings, Bharani natives have a desire to experience their surroundings to fullest. There is a primeval innocence in how they experience things, people and places.

On the negative note, this nakshtra can be a very difficult energy to handle. This can be easily understood through mental dilemmas they experience. Without proper guidance and understanding, Bharani natives are ready to jump into anything and everything without caution or consideration. Leading them to take rift and unwanted decisions. Bharani nakshatra is highly sexual, its association with mars and venus makes it hyper sexual. This energy can make them have addictive behaviour towards sexual encounters or can make these natives go deep into spiritual world. Again the extreme or adverse effects of bharani nakshatra.

Another quality of bharani natives is “courage”. They have strong personalities and withstand all the challenges that life offers to them. They are the people who will cry like babies on their failures and jump out of joy, boast with their achievements and success.

Since the sign of aries is individualistic and self centred, bharani natives are blinded by their actions & pride due to which they choose not to take the responsibility for their own actions. It is very easy for Bharani natives to move from one action to next, without caring about long-term implications.




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