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Updated: May 12, 2020


  • FROM 26th April,2020-6th May,2020:

FACTS: Transit RAHU will conjunct NATAL MARS for India.

CONSEQUENCES: heavy for India, deaths can be expected.

  • FROM 4th May,2020- 18th June,2020:

FACTS: Mars transiting the sign of Aquarius (naturally 8th lord of secrets going to 11th house of large circle or population)

CONSEQUENCES: Some sorts of secrets will come out.

FROM 14th May- 4th June:


1. Mars in satabisha nakshatra. Satabisha nakshatra is known to be a nakshatra of hard to cure diseases.

2. Buddha Aditya Yoga formation in the 1st house from 14th may,2020 to 24th may,2020.

3. Rahu & mars interchanging nakshatras (nakshatra parivartan yoga), heavy energies not favorable. Further rahu aspecting mars from it's 9th ascpect.

4. Further three planets will go retrograde during this time i.e. VENUS, JUPITER and SATURN

CONSEQUENCES: there can be some strong findings related to not only covid-19 but all hard to cure diseases.

Economy may face setbacks since retrograde planets in 9th house will affect the economy on a whole.

Due to Venus retrograde, India may go back & stabilize relations with other countries. India may collaborate with some other country or political parties might collaborate for stabilizing country’s situation. There shall be balanced communication.

Due to Buddha Aditya yoga and the depositor sitting with it only. i.e. SUN MERCURY VENUS conjunction, will provide strength to India to deal with different upcoming challenges.

So, this will be a major period with good and bad circumstances.

  • ON 3rd -4th June,2020:

FACTS: Moon will make Gaj kesari yoga with natal Jupiter in 6th house.

CONSEQUENCES: So, it shall strengthen the health of the people of the country i.e. number of recovered cases may increase, yet it will involve some karma due to depositor being retrograde i.e. Venus.

  • FROM 15th June,2020-15th July, 2020: Intense period, out of control events.

Due to sun mercury rahu conjunction with natal mars in the sign of Gemini in the 2nd house.

  • 21ST JUNE,2020 SOLAR ECLIPSE in the 2nd house:

Eclipse usually sets a new pattern for something. Since, sun is the natural significator of government.

So, there can be some new patterns in regards of government & income of the government.

  • FROM 22nd JUNE,2020- 24TH JUNE,2020:

FACTS: 1. Sun and natal Mars conjunction in ardra nakshatra.

2. Four planets will go retrograde from 18th JUNE,2020 onwards.

CONSEQUENCES: Though sun is the 4th lord but it is in ardra nakshatra which is the nakshatra of storms, howling and sadness. This constellation is a heavy energy, the two hottest planets conjunct in ardra in 2nd house will cause burst out from people. Sun will amplify the qualities of mars, violent energy.

There may be burst of anger during this time or aggressive communication during this time.

Four planet retrograde is not considered favorable. Some heavy karma will be connected to it.

  • ON 25th JUNE,2020:

FACTS: Jupiter moving back to the sign of Sagittarius in the 8th house of India’s horoscope. Jupiter will be retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius for a while conjunct KETU and aspecting natal mars and transit RAHU, SUN, MERCURY with its 7th aspect.

Venus will go direct in the sign of Taurus.

RESULT: There will be spiritual realizations during this time or more focus on spirituality or inner self.

Venus being direct in the first house with 8 ashtakvarga score will bring stability for a while (till 1st august)

  • 16th july,2020:

FACTS: sun will transit into the sign of cancer i.e. breaking the kaal sarp yoga

Mercury and Venus will be direct during this time.

RESULTS: there will be strength and peace in the country from this day onwards.


FACTS: KAAL SARP YOGA (kaal sarp yoga during transits basically weakens the positive effects)

EXPLANATION: kaal sarp yoga causes extreme situations, extreme highs and extreme lows.




  • Kaal sarp dosha will finally come to an end after 16th July.

  • Though things will remain difficult but rahu transit to MRIGSIRA in the month of may will reduce the possible negative effect that could've been caused. Rahu in mrigsira & mars in satabisha will help each other in finding cures for not only covid-19 but other diseases too.

Covid-19 analysis upto july,2020

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