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Importance of RAHU (north node of moon)

In the mythological text rahu (north node) & ketu (south node) are said to be the asuras. Which became eternal, and became the part of the journey along with devtas or which are considered as planets in astrology.

What is rahu?

In astrological terms rahu represents illusion. Anything that can fool people is rahu. Thats why photography & film making🎬 are seen from rahu. Anything that’s digital is rahu. Rahu is a rebel. Rahu never believes in following the set rules. He wants to just break rules. Rahu represents glamour & fame. Rahu also represents umbrellas ☂ & sunglasses 🕶. Anything that shades out the sun☀️ is rahu. Even clouds☁️ in sky🌌 , smoke💨 is rahu. I’m Rahu is inter- caste marriage. And much more.

There exists a myth about rahu that rahu time period referred to as DASHA in vedic astrology can be very harmful for a person. The ancient astrologers have been decoding the meaning of rahu inappropriately since a very long time now. No doubt rahu’s nature is that of an asura but in this age where technology is everything, rahu is everything too.


The mobile phone in your hand is rahu, the internet you are using to watch this story is rahu and most importantly the idea of creation is rahu. Rahu period is the most important period of one’s life if placed correctly in one’s horoscope. Rahu can make a person turn from rags to richies in this era. This is how powerful & important rahu is. Rahu is what makes a person successful in this life. Rahu makes a person creative & rahu is the fame giver.

What not to do in this period?

The ancient astrologers or pandit’s tend to ask people to get rahu puja or rahu kaal puja   done or to throw rahu yantra along with coconuts in river. Which is what should NOT be done at all. Just think the north node that is going to give you massive amount of money or fame in minimum time. You guys just tend to make that node to sleep by doing so. It is really important to see what rahu is actually doing in a horoscope.

Ever wondered why foreigners tend to invent more with technology and why not many of indians can. Maybe you had the tendency to invent something but it all swept away with the rahu puja done by your folks. 🤓

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