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So let’s talk about the most benefic and heaviest of all the planets JUPITER😇.

Jupiter as we all know is said to be the GURU 👳‍♂️ of the devas ✨. Jupiter is said to be one’s wisdom, beliefs, knowledge, one’s thinking🤔. Although our intellect is represented by planet mercury but the quality of our thinking depends on Jupiter. As jupiter naturally rules the 9th and 12th house. Both these houses are really important in order to judge how much a person is willing to adjust practically with the circumstances and surroundings, how quickly a person is able to adapt the change. 9th & 12th houses plus Jupiter actually has a major say about a person’s psychology. Jupiter shows how your morals and ethics in life are, how positively or negatively your imagination 💭 or subconscious mind 🧠 is working.

Heavy affliction with above 3 factors can actually make a person heavy & criminal minded 😈 . Although the association and placement of mars ☄️matters for it. Other than this the affliction of these can make a person rigid minded, non adjustable and highly opinionated person. 🧐

On the flip side, if jupiter is strong i.e own sign, multrikona, vargottama, pushakara navamsa, pushkara bhaga or creating virinchi yoga. Such a person can be understanding to deeper levels. With their wisdom they’ll have the power to bring in change for good in life of their own and that of others.

JUPITER is a planet full of gases 💨 and is the heaviest one other than saturn 🪐 . Jupiter represents ether🌫. With powerful jupiter a person can have the ability to transmit information or signals📶 through ether. That means a person is clairvoyant 🧝‍♀️ and has high intuition. These people either can say things that are going to happen or whatever they say eventually happens. That is why it is important to have a strong jupiter to be a pyschic medium 🧚‍♀️or astrologer 👩‍💻

JUPITER placement represents responsibility 😰and aspects represents abundance ✨. Jupiter in 1st may not make you wealthy but shall bring alot of wealth 💰to your spouse and jupiter in 2nd house may give you the responsibility to provide for family or maintaining family wealth 💸 but will make you receive or have wealthy inlaws🤑.

What jupiter does is it naturally makes responsible about the house it is placed in. It also represents pressure 😓. But responsibility isn’t realised overnight. So you are bound to go through confusions🤷‍♀️ and challenges before you get that enlightenment💫 and abundance with jupiter.

Lastly, the nakshtras of jupiter. Jupiter is indeed the most benefic planet. But the nakshatras it rules are not actually the most benefic, rather they are the fierce ones. The nakshatras PUNARVASU, VISHAKHA & PURVA BHADRAPADA are the wildest nakshatras and have karmas related to them which shall vary in nature.

Overall, astrology is multidimensional, nothing can be judged as being totally positive or totally negative. There are patterns that we are bound to follow in life. Which are the combination of good & bad, highs & lows. The one who understands and flows with it may enjoy this for lifetime.

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