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KAAL SARP YOGA 🐍 in their chart & how can they get rid of it.

So let me tell a little secret here. 

First of all what was considered as “kaal sarp yog”?

It is a situation when none of the planets are placed between the first-seventh axis of rahu & ketu, leaving 5 houses empty in the chart. Either in left side, right side, top or bottom.

So what’s the truth?

There is no such thing as kaal sarp yoga.

This yoga has been the biggest money maker in India. A trick where most of the astrologers tend to make you buy expensive gold ring (having snake designs) or a small structure of two snakes. Or expensive hessonite (gomed) stone. Not only that people are even told that they must’ve killed a snake in this or past life. Thats why they have formed yoga in this life to make you struggle more.

Hessonite is a significator of rahu, definitely. But it shall not be worn with such a reason as kal sarp yoga rather it must be worn by seeing the placement of rahu in the chart.

So why do people have a chart like this ? With no planets between rahu-ketu.

The grahas are not still. They move around in the universe. When a person is born then on that particular date & time a snapshot is taken  of the positions of the grahas in the universe, which is referred to as kundali. So, at times there are situations when more than two planets are conjuncted together to one side of the galaxy, ultimately causing such a situation. So there’s nothing to worry about.

A person should try to just understand the science behind astrology & not go with the superstitions.

Ultimately astrology is science. Just like other subjects related to science , astrology too have logical reasoning to the situations.

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