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Lord ganesha is one of the main deities to be associated with mythology. Lord Ganesha was born on the fourth day after the Amavasya in the month of Bhadrapada. He was born in the nakshtra of hasta under the sign of virgo. Many nakshtras like revati, uttarashadha, bharani, magha etc have stories related to ganesha or are associated with ganesha.

Other than this lord ganesha is the ruling deity for the planet ketu. There is a special reason behind choosing this particular picture, which i shall discuss further. So here we are going to talk about ketu or the south node of the moon. The general characteristics of ketu are spirituality, detachment, dissatisfaction, researcher, past life, enlightenment, destruction, intuition, miser, philosopher, transformation etc.

One most recalled phrase about ketu is that it destroys. However, the meaning of destruction varies. Ganesha or gajanan is known to be “Vighnaharta” meaning destructor of obstacles. That is why he is worshipped before commencing any task.

So the destruction can be positive or negative depending upon the situation of the whole chart.

Similarly, ketu destroys to bring in transformation or new beginnings. So now we know that ketu and lord ganesha are interconnected. This picture of lord ganesha depicts that side of ketu which is not much talked about. That is “letting go” & “moving forward regardless of the obstacles”. Just like this picture shows that lord ganesha is dancing with happiness and joy, people with prominent ketu, for eg: ketu is in the ascendent or moon ketu conjunction will face challenges in their life. But they’ll still move forward with courage and positivity in their life.

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