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Magha Nakshatra

MAGHA nakshatra, “THE THRONE” 👑. Whenever we come across something that gives us a feeling of royalty, respect, history, antiques, pride, kingdom 🏰, lion 🦁 , protection etc, it reminds us of the sign of leo ♌️ .

MAGHA nakshatra is the first nakshtra in the sign of leo. It covers first 13degrees 20minutes of leo. Ruled by the south node of the moon 🌙 , Ketu.

So lets first talk about significance of ketu with this nakshtra. Ketu is the moksha karka, the planet of obstructions, the planet that detaches you from material world 🤑, the planet that enlightens 🧘‍♀️, brings in realisations 🤦‍♀️, past live karmas & spirituality 😇. Ketu can be as harsh as mars 😡. Ketu brings in past life karmas and transforms a person by giving lessons in this life. Ketu’s association with magha is about lineage, dna 🧬 , past life punya bhava. Ketu is also the flag 🚩. So magha is about marking one’s territory ⛳️. One shall observe these natives saying “this is mine”.

On the flip side, with this nakshtra comes in detachment and with detachment comes in healing⚕️. It is said that to heal one self, one needs to detach. Be it be love 💕 , relationship 👩‍❤️‍👨, luxury etc. One shall observe that magha natives live like royal natives even if they don’t have a single penny 💰in their pockets. This shows that these natives are confident😎 and sometimes over confident. The reason of their sassy attitude is their gentle and huge heart. They display the attitude to protect themselves from getting hurt🥺. These people won’t think twice before helping the one’s in need and that too selflessly.

This nakshtra is the 10th nakshtra with four padas. Each pada having different significance.

1st pada: it is associated to dharma☸️. A person with magha nakshtra pada 1 tends to be confident since sun gets exalted here and feels hard to be at service or to be flexible because saturn gets debilitated here. Such a native can become imposing, authoritative, kingly and even spiritual in nature. This section of this nakshtra is about knowledge, wisdom, righteousness.

2nd pada: this section is more concerned about possessions 💰. Such a native feels confident when he/she has material possessions. This section also makes a person gain ancestral assets and wealth especially liquid money since moon & north-node rahu gets exalted here. This is artha side. Such an individual wants to enjoy the luxuries and is flamboyant. It is noticed that such natives enjoy branded cars 🚘 , clothing 👗, perfumes and alcohol 🍷 .

3rd pada: this section is related to kama, the desires 😍. Such an individual desires to have a kingly🤴 status in life. Rahu and mars does extremely well in this pada since mars gives the valour to the person and rahu gives the hunger to reach at the top 🔝 and have maximum power. This section is also associated with communication. So one shall observe that such natives are communicative, can even earn through media 📺, communication mediums and are famous 🤩.

4th pada: now this section is about procreation 👶🏻. 4th pada falls into cancer navamsa where mars gets debilitated & jupiter gets exalted. It is about creating a home 🏡 , family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 etc. Although here comes a turmoil of emotions 😭. Especially if mars is in magha pada 4, it gives you waves of courage. At times you feel that adrenaline rush to take actions, to go get things but when the destination is near, the person gets scared and backs off, feeling fearful 😧 around the situation. It also detaches you from the material side and attaches you to spiritual side since this falls under moksha sathan. It also makes you knowledgeable, philosophical 🧐 & arrogant due to jupiter’s exaltation in this area.

Overall with magha natives you’ll see a show 😎 on the outside but emptiness 😣 on the inside. These native will not say it but they desire to have people to rely upon. They feel that need to mark ⛳️ and protect their kingdom 🏰. I.e their loved ones 🥰. But due to presence of ketu, many a times the ones they love tend to go away from them. Other than this, these natives are the most lazy 😴 ones and always require a push to initiate important tasks in life. They love to rest on couches🛋, bed 🛌 . They also have good memory🧐 & can know more than 2 languages.

The animal significance of this nakshtra is male rat 🐀 . They tend to have a good match with purva phalguni natives since it’s animal tordem is female rat 🐀 . If associated with the 1st, 7th, 8th or venus. These natives have multiple sexual encounters. These natives need to be indulged through tasks and adventures in a relationship in order to stay otherwise they can hop from one person to another in no time.

Lastly, these natives are always keen to know about history and mythology not just of their own culture but of others too. In my personal experience i’ve seen magha natives being more inclined towards islam ☪️.




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