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Venus in pushya 🌸

This painting depicts the placement of venus in pushya.

Pushya 🌼 , a nakshatra ruled by saturn 🪐 present in a water sign cancer ♋️. Do you know what it represents?

It represents 3S : Structure, Stability and Sacrifice.

Now what does venus in pushya represents?

Venus planet of love, devotion, union and luxury represents class, authenticity, depth and total devotion in love and relationships.

By far one of the most homely, nurturing, classy and authentic people you shall see with this placement.

The dark side to this placement is the overflow of their own emotions, can act blind in love. Too giving and too much expectation is a part of their nature, as a result to which they end up developing boundaries in relationships.

31st year of age is very transformative, they have good understanding with their parents , rather the take care of their folks as their children and also end up being supportive and friendly parents themselves.




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