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Mars has entered the sign of aries. And is presently in the nakshatra of ashwini. The nakshatra of ashwini is associated with the ASHWIN KUMARS. Ashwin kumars were two brothers. Deity of ashwini nakshatra, ashwin kumars the horse headed gods who were celestial healers. They are associated with the twilight. They are youthful twin horsemen traveling in a chariot drawn by horses.

One of the ashwin kumars is said to be the HEALER and the other one as the PRANKSTER. That is why natives with ashwini nakshatra dominant have twin personality. Sometime they will act as healers to you and the other time they act as pranksters. They are connected with rescuing mortals and bringing them back to life. That is why most of the doctors, spiritual healers, surgeons etc have ashwini nakshatra present in their charts.

Whereas mars is a soldier. It signifies one’s energy and courage. Mars represents one’s siblings, close friends, male friends, boy friends, real estates, physical energy etc.

So mars coming here will have positive results. Since mars is coming in it’s own sign aries.

1. Real estate will have positive affects of this transit.

2. The image of two horses that is the representation of ashwin kumars is said to be beneficial for the healing purposes.

3. There will be healing around relationships.

4. There can be arguments or impulsive behaviour with male friends.

5. There shall be determination towards achieving desired goals.

6. Since aries represents the mind and mars is an impulsive and violent energy. There shall be such a behaviour around the world.

7. Since it is a very quick nakshatra. Things will happen quickly.

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