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NATURE : Sattvik (pure)

SIGN : Cancer


NAKSHATRAS : Rohini , Hasta, Saravana

STONE : Pearl and Diamond

COLOUR : White or Transparent


Moon is THE most important planet in astrology. Most of the things in our life depends upon this planet only. Moon represents ones emotions and feelings, i.e. how we react to our surroundings. A person's nature, emotions, mother is represented through moon. That is why it is always advised to look for moon signs and not for the signs according to birth dates. Moon is a delicate and soft planet. In astrology, moon is considered to be the purest one i.e. one of the sattvik planets.

Moon also represents wealth of a person particularly cash flow. I've seen a few astrologers referring a person with debilitated moon to be poor or having lack of wealth but practically in my experience I have seen people with moon in scorpio to be the richest ones with cars like Mercedes, Audi etc. So debilitated moon does not mean lack of wealth, if it is creating particular yogas then it can actually give tremendous amount of money and fame to a person.

Moon or Chandra is considered to be "THE ROYAL ONE". That is why it also represents royalty. The ones with strong moon can have royalties in life. Chandra or Soma also represents lust. We all look for Venus when it is about lust or sex, but moon is the one with the highest qualities of lust and sex drive. For example : moon in the first house in certain signs can make a person highly sexual and promiscuous. Whereas moon in the 7th house can give a lustful or sensual spouse.

Cheating or extra marital affairs can also be seen from moon only. Strong Venus does not necessarily means that a person has the tendency to cheat but an afflicted moon surely can cheat. In our Hindu mythology, Chandra (moon) was known to seduce the wife of Jupiter, Tara and he made her pregnant with their child Buddha (mercury). On the other hand, Chandra had 27 wives, the daughters of sage Daksha.

Moon represents qualities like diplomat, dominant, clever, possessive, controlling, sweet speech, fickle minded, mood swings. Moon also represents selfishness. Since, moon is the mother, the mother has a nature of being selfish for the sake of her own child. She tends to feed her own child first and then anyone else.

Moon also represents the blood flow. So the timing of getting a surgery done can also be seen through the transit of moon. Menstrual cycle for women is also seen through the condition of the moon.

Other things moon represents is liquor, a person's face, beauty, intelligence, mental illness, stock market, nutritious food, anything that comforts us: home, bed, kitchen, restaurants, hotels; nurseries, peace of mind, happiness, and much more.

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