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SYMBOL : Bull / Farm LORD : Venus

ELEMENT : Earth NATURE : Feminine


GUNA : Rajas

Traits of people with moon in taurus :

• exalted position for moon

• stable emotions

• picky

• luxury lovers

• mind feels stable with financial security in life

• calm and composed

• stubborn

• focused

• very sweet with speech

• collectors of antique

• relationship with mother is grounded (if not conjunct or aspected by malefics)

• natural artist

• fine food lovers

• love for exotic experiences

• clever

• great money managers

• manipulative

• natural diplomats

• romantic

• magnetic eyes ; leaves an impact on the opposite sex with the way they'll look at them

• love changing eye color (using different colored lenses)

• secretive ; attracted to secretive people

• sensual and lustful

• promiscuous

• highly possessive

• can be obsessive if moon is conjunct or aspected by rahu

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