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Mrigsira Nakshatra

Mrigsira nakshatra 🦌 falls from 23degrees20mins of taurus ♉️ to 6 degrees40mins gemini ♊️ . This nakshatra diety is soma, the moon 🌝 god. Being a part of rajasik zodiac signs. This nakshtra is associated with enjoying and having that elixir of highest stage of comfort and emotional satisfaction in life.

Since SOMA wanted to have all the pleasure in the world be it be the exquisite and antique jewels, premium drinks etc. Similarly people with moon 🌙 in mrigsira wants to enjoy high quality life with all the earthly pleasures. That is why these people are fond of premium scotch 🍺 , fine wine 🍷 , branded clothes 👗, makeup 💄💅🏻and much more. Other than this, this nakshatra’s symbol is the Antelope’s head 🦌. Antelope’s are much aware of their surroundings and get alert 🚨 very quickly if any predator is around. So these people are keen observers and always aware of what’s happening around them. These people also have a ear👂for gossip.

Now this nakshtra has two mythological stories attached to it.

First is the story of Daksha’s yagna 🔥, Maa sati jumped in the fire because her father disrespected her husband, lord shiva by not inviting him to the holy yagna. Enraged from such an event lord shiva came down and chopped 🗡of Daksha’s head. Further on the request of gods, lord shiva replaced his head with that of a deer.

Second is that of lord Rama, when a beautiful golden deer, who was actually an illusion that was created by a demon to lure lord rama so that King ravana could kidnap his wife Sita.

So from these stories, one concludes that these people lure other people very easily. These people have that charm to attract the person of interest. While moon is in mrigsira, they use there emotions and nourishment to do so. When venus is in mrigsira they use their beauty and appearance to do so. And so on.

But apart from this, these people are quite immature in their initial years of life and out of this immaturity these people can decide to elope with their love interest which can land them into trouble. Lastly, the mrigsira nakshtra of taurus ♉️ side is different from that of gemini ♊️.This nakshtra is also associated with chasing. These people chase their goals or the things or people concerned with whichever planet is in this nakshtra. These people will chase the things or person and once they get it they loose their interest quickly. And then are chased by the other person. So these people have to push hard to maintain their stability in this matter.

Although i’ve personally seen cases of being heavily chased 🕵️‍♀️ by someone atleast once in life, if this nakshtra is afflicted in the chart.

Taurus ♉️ side mrigsira people are more towards chasing materialistic things in life.

Whereas Gemini ♊️ side mrigsira people are more towards chasing spiritual 💫 things in life. Just like Mata Parvati had to go through multiple encounters of fake shivas before ending up with The Lord Shiva. As such these people go through various encounters in life before ending up where they belong. Be it be spouse, career or anything else.

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