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This picture beautifully depicts the nakshtra of mula. The traits like destruction, transformation and research is very well known about mula. Although another imperative characteristic of mula is that these people are grounded and always connected to their roots.

In astrology we are given straight results and its our understanding to dive deeper into what lead to a certain result. So we know that mula people are grounded and rooted. But is it that they are like that from the beginning? My answer will be no.

Mula natives just like any other teenager are the ones who have been through the most aggressive stage of life, being violent, stubborn, part of bad society, alcohol, substances etc. But then comes a time when these people transform big time, as transformation is a theme of their life. These natives use their life lessons to help and advise other people. They become spiritual and philosophical. They are the one to learn their ancient history, scriptures, mythology etc. Although their symbol is roots yet they will always settle away from their homeland. They have to deal with sudden endings like unexpected end of a relationship, friendship, work etc.

As they grow up Mula natives have the tendency to set up strong foundations in their life. They are part of startups, tend to start new projects etc. As a conclusion these people might not have the best childhood or family life in the beginning but they always grow as the time passes.


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