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Purva Ashadha Nakshatra

This nakshtra’s diety is apah🌊, the cosmic waters🧜‍♀️. Purva ashadha falls in the sign of sagittarius ♐️. This nakshatra has the energy of both the gurus, the guru of devtas “JUPITER” and the guru of asuras “VENUS”. That is one reason why these people are extremely creative👩🏻‍🎨 and knowledgeable🧑‍🏫. These people are always curious to know the hidden🕵️‍♂️and the bright side of a situation. These people are philosophical 🧐 and imaginative🤔 as well. You will always find these individuals advising and preaching other people. The down side of venus and jupiter influence on this nakshtra is their arrogance and understanding that they know everything, that is why they will advise everyone but are not open to receive any advises in return. These people are hardest to admit their mistakes. They are so gentle and soft on the inside that they do realise their mistakes but will never show it by apologising🙉, rather they would prefer some other indirect & creative ways to express it🥰.

Another thing you’ll observe with purva ashadhs is that these people are extremely beautiful and charming looking. These people are old school lovers and souls. Most of the times when planets like venus, moon are in this nakshtra these people express their love through music🎶 and small cute romantic gestures. Music 🎵 plays a very prominent role in their life. These people have a significant taste in music. Music brings in peace☮️ to their mind and soul. These are the people you’ll see dancing on the beats of old classical songs 🎼.

Purva ashadha nakshtra is considered to be the purest form of water💧 . That is why these people are true lovers👩‍❤️‍👨. Love for these natives is about emotions🥺 and spiritual🕉 connection with the partner. A purva ashadh native when experiences heartbreak, will go into celibacy🧘‍♀️ for atleast 6 months and maximum till they their spiritual partner.

Although the animal associated with purva ashadha is monkey🐒 . These people tend to jump from one person to another i.e these people can have multiple relationships before they find that stability in one partner 👫. This is one reason why these people get bored easily🤐. These people are not meant for lame and boring things🥱. Excitement🤩 and adventure🧗‍♂️ keeps them indulged, be it be in a relationship or work. That is why if purvaashadha nakshtra is connected with 2nd,6th & 10th lords, these people hop from one job to another, one profession to another, which ultimately makes these people have multiple sources of income. But if afflicted then this can hinder stability in these matters.

Another thing we’ll observe is that these people have excellent debating skills🤬. These natives will present exact facts in front of you being inconsiderate about whether your feelings get hurt because of this or not. That makes these natives brutally honest, opinionated, rigid minded & hard task master. Because of sagittarius influence these people have a habit of thinking about everything and everyone. They feel as if it’s their responsibility to take care, be optimistic and help everyone. That makes them helpful😌 and keen observer🧐. But if afflicted, they will do this for selfish reasons🥴.

Lastly, the deity apah🌊, brings about the waters that inspire humanity. That makes these people stand for humanity, welfare & rights of other people. The essence of water is nourishment, care, emotions, compassion & bring life🤗. They are known for fertility, procreative strength & inspiring equality. Holy waters 💦 in many religions are known for cleansing 🧘 and is used for other spiritual🧎🏻‍♂️ & curative🧚purposes. This indicates that Purva Ashadha natives may be well involved in some fitness🏋️‍♀️program or taking extra care and cure for the body.

The stars of Purva and Uttara Ashadha are in the bow and arrow 🏹of Sagittarius ♐️ constellation, who is aiming for his target 🎯 and hence the theme of planning🤓, victory ✌️ , strategies and attack is present there. Not to forget that the strategy for commencement of Mahabharata was initiated in purva ashadh.

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