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This nakshtra falls in the sign of cancer from 3degrees20mins to 16degrees40mins. This nakshtra is ruled by planet SATURN & deity BRIHASPATI.

This nakshtra is said to be one of the most auspicious nakshtra. As this nakshtra brings in abundance and prosperity. But as usual each and every auspicious nakshtra has to go through certain challenges in order to achieve success as an ultimate result.

This nakshtra falls naturally in the 4th house. 4th house is about happiness, comfort, convenience, nourishment, compassion, care, mother, motherly love, protection etc. 4th house is also the womb of the mother, nutrition, it is one of the kendras that represents that it is the house of firm foundation and support. Just like that pushya people have certain qualities. These people are compassionate, they have love for not only the ones who are closed to them but also for mankind on a whole. These natives love to spread happiness and want to enjoy a comfortable life. Because of motherly nature of the sign of cancer people assume that this sign or nakshtras present in it are not materialistic. Rather these people are materialistic in nature to the extent of making a comfortable life for themselves. These natives are not greedy but desire all sorts of comforts in life and that is one reason that these people are extremely lazy. I’ve generally seen pushya natives working on a higher level where automatically there is good money in exchange of less work but huge responsibility or simply at an authoritative position. That is the reason you’ll find these people at positions like government officials, politicians, home bakers, diplomats, entrepreneurs etc. These people naturally have good immune system & nutrition.

The other symbol of the blossoming flower 🌸shows that these people have a pure & pious heart 💝. These people have a heart that feels for everyone. They are spreaders of love and care 🤗. These natives are lotus in the muddy water just like anuradha nakshtra. However worst the surroundings might be for them, they still remain pure in life.

The symbols of pushya are udder of a 🐄 & a blossoming flower 🌺. Udder of the cow depicts that these natives have love for dairy 🥛products such as milk, paneer, ghee etc. These people are also very foodie in nature.Other thing that you’ll observe with these natives is that they love to go to different restaurants and hotels’🍱. They love to host gatherings in their home👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. Generally these people are the best hosts, they won’t let you go unattended or hungry. They love to celebrate little joys 🎉 in life. These people are the ones who when love, they love with their whole heart ❤️ & soul and they’ll protect you in every situation. They are hardly bothered with one’s financial status 💰or worldly factors. Due to the presence of saturn🪐 in this nakshtra these natives become mature early in life because of the challenges they face in life such as judgments, criticism, betrayal etc. These people are old souls 😇and prefer traditions and old ways of doing chores.

Pushya natives have a theme associated with them. These people because of their nature tend to develop blind trust on people they love 💕 due to which they ignore red flags 🚩 and end up getting cheated on ☹️. There is a mythological story associated with this nakshtra in this reference. Brihaspati, who is deity of this nakshtra was the advisor👳🏻‍♀️of the king. He was always busy on working for the king and betterment of the kingdom. Brihaspati or guru 👳‍♂️ is the counsellor and strategists. So he is always away at work making strategies for the organisation. Because of his absence, his wife tara was attracted towards Soma, the moon god 🌝. Tara was lured by Chandra🌛and she ran with him, made love to him and was pregnant 🤰 with Buddha, Mercury. On realising this, Brihaspati declared a war between the devas and asuras. At one point Brihaspati, guru decided to accept mercury as his son. Similar to this mythological story these people get cheated on atleast once in their life. There partner leave them for someone else. This shall not necessarily play out in the marriage. Nowadays, mostly that happens in relationships. And as a result these natives (if prominent placements in pushya) can even get married late i.e in 31st years of age (may not be true for some, depending on individual’s natal chart). Due to Brihaspati being the god associated with this nakshtra. These people are very lucky & blessed 😇. Everything falls at its place in their life naturally. These people prosper in their later part of life i.e 32 years onwards.

These natives are very manipulative. Just like a mother manipulates her child in order to teach him how to live, similarly these people may not say you anything directly but will become sweet talkers. Most of the politicians have this nakshtra. They talk their way out with sweet words. These people become excellent diplomats, entrepreneurs, politicians, social workers.

These natives look saintly 👳‍♂️. Whatever they wear they will look like saints and very beautiful. Whenever they enter a room, the space is enlightened with their aura. Appearance wise these natives have shabby or wavy hairs, chubby face & cute appearance. Females with pushya nakshtra have huge breasts whereas males with this nakshtra have man boobs.

These people are also self sacrificing. Since mars is exalted 7th from this nakshtra these people are committed individuals. But this prediction may prove to be wrong if a person has planets like rahu or saturn in certain houses in this nakshtra. These people have political speech and become a part of house politics somehow. They build their own home mostly in the later part of their life. And at one point in their life they are hardly concerned with their image out in public and are only concerned with balanced relationships. That is why these people get everything they least ask for, abundance in money, fame etc. these people are always the givers. Emotionally these people suffer due to intense emotions in love matters. They are very sensitive in matters of their children as moon is debilitated 5th from this nakshtra. These people may come across unethical partner in their early life. So this is one thing these people must be careful of.

Planets behave differently in different padas of this nakshtra.

Pada 1: this pada is associated with dharma. This pada falls into leo navamsa that is why people with this pada learn mythological knowledge in their life. They have a huge heart for helping people and are very creative.

Pada 2: this pada is associated with artha. This pada falls in virgo navamsa that is why people with this pada are intellectual, intelligent, calculative and always at service to others but are subject to conflicts and disputes in life. This pada can give them skills through hands.

Pada 3: this pada is associated with kama. This pada falls in libra navamsa that is why people with this pada are observant, creative, luxury lover, their life is all about relationships, harmony, devotion and balance. These are excellent negotiators or spokesperson since saturn gets exalted here.

Pada 4: this pada is associated with moksha. This pada falls in scorpio navamsa that is why here these natives can deal with psychological issues in their life. They must stay away from substances, alcohol etc. they are extremely senstive and may deal with intense emotions. These natives are pure in nature, go through transformations in life and are secretive.




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1 Comment

yashaswi ponnur
yashaswi ponnur
Jun 27, 2022

i am a cancer asc! related to this a lot! i love to visit new restaurants. love panner! "It was so true" got cheated in a relationship!! :)

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