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Rahu as we know the mind and the maya. Rahu and ketu were one entity which when separated, the head became rahu and the body as ketu. Rahu is known for its tamasik qualities. Many a times you must’ve heard people saying rahu shall destroy you, rahu is making you suffer and more negative things. But in reality rahu is the “bhogakarka” “the giver”. No planet other than rahu will give you massive success.

Like jupiter, being the most abundant and benefic planet will give you blessings after teaching you worthwhile lessons and saturn being the planet of karma will give you blessings based on your karma, on how much you deserve, not less not more.

This is why rahu has become a necessity in this era. Rahu mahadasha can make you 10 times wealthier than what you were before it. Rahu is important to think out of the box. So innovators are seen through rahu. It does represents “mirage” meaning “to see what isn’t there” or “illusions” , but it actually makes a person so clever and intelligent that he/she has a talent to twist and turn things or situations to portray something unreal.

The picture above depicts the theme of rahu in pushya. Pushya is the nakshtra of nourishment, mother, warmth & compassion. Rahu is amplification, it amplifies the quality or the sign or nakshtra in which it sits. Rahu in pushya makes a person extremely passionate, over possessive, protective over his/her loved ones. On the other hand this placement can make a person too self centred. Their life would revolve around their own emotions, happiness and comfort. Such a person will be subject to get manipulated and cheated on by a married or committed man/woman atleast once in life.

There are a few snapshot placements:

* Rahu in air signs gives a person excellent marketing & negotiating skills.

* Rahu in earth signs helps the native to gain stability in life and stay grounded. Since rahu is smoke and it takes you all the way up at cloud 9. Earth dominant rahu helps the native to stay grounded. It can make a person disciplined and authoritative as well.

* Rahu in fire signs makes a person initiator, innovator & a go getter.

* Rahu in water signs makes a person mystic, researcher, clever, extremely sensitive and emotional, inconsiderate of one’s actions.

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