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NATURE: Sattvik (pure)



NAKSHATRAS: Krittika, Uttara Ashadha, Uttara Phalguni




Sun is the king. Sun is our soul, what we are on the inside. Sun also represents, how we represent ourselves in the society. Wherever sun is placement that is the soul mission in our life. It’s like a lamp, the house wherever sun is posited, that particular house gets illuminated, one’s soul’s concentration will be on that house. For e.g.: if sun is posited in 1st house then the person shall be self-centered, the concentration will be on self, on one’s own body. If sun is posited in the 2nd house then the concentration will be on the finances, family assets, savings and investments etc.

Sun represents the day time. Since most of the duration is of the day time, so sun tends to be the most important planet along with moon, to see in astrology. Where moon is our mind and emotions, sun is our soul and self-esteem. All the planets revolve around the sun making it the king of the universe as well of astrology.

Sun represents a person’s confidence. It represents fame & recognition. Sun is our ego, how we deal with our egoistic side. Sun refers to the government and things related to the government. With a strong influence of sun, a person can become a reputed government official. Debilitated sun can represent low self-esteem and using illegal matters to get benefits in return (only in certain cases). Sun is a natural significator of politics.

Since sun rises and then sets, it represents one’s rise and fall in life. Spiritual progress and enlightenment is seen through sun. A person with strong sun can be hard to convince, non- adjustable, fixed values and stubborn personality. Since sun is a hot planet, it represents heat, barbeque, fire etc. Sun also represents bones, one’s energy, vitality. Prices of gold majorly depends upon the transit of sun.

Sun is the authority or authoritative position. It also represents father, since father is considered to be the head of the family. The nature of one’s father and his/her relationship with the father can be seen through sun. Sun on the one hand can represent the good moral character whereas on the other hand it can represent the one who wants to control or destroy women or men. It all depends on the placement of the sun in the natal and navamsa (d9) chart. Sun also shows ancestral property. I have seen in some cases that if sun is present in magha nakshatra, that is a nakshatra related to pitris or ancestors, it can show gain of property & business through family lineage.

Sun also represents creative. Most of the people believe that Venus represents creativity or creative fields of work. But in my experience I’ve seen sun’s influence on Venus, 5th house, 12th house or 10th house etc., giving highly creative skills and success in creative fields of work. Since sun represents the soul, sun in creative signs or nakshatras can show a born artist.

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Mar 24, 2020

Awesome! Just love it!

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