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Traits of people with sun in Taurus :

  • not very comfortable position for sun since Venus is an enemy of sun

  • ego goes lost in seeking worldly pleasures

  • good at finances

  • soul's mission is a built a secure and stable life

  • hoard wealth, jewels etc.

  • loves to live in the moment

  • grounded

  • efficient

  • stubborn

  • clever

  • intelligent

  • resist change in life

  • want to be in a comfortable environment

  • lazy

  • rational

  • once they make up their mind to go after something, they'll make it theirs

  • practical

  • passionate

  • love to plan things, i.e trips, outings etc.

  • artistic

  • want structure to everything they do

  • willing to cheat for money if Venus is not well placed

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