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The Meaning of the Eclipse

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

sun affliction along with cluster for December, 2019

On 25th December 2019, there shall be a cluster formation in Sagittarius zodiac sign.

“Cluster means conjunction of more than 2 or 3 planets in one sign. Jupiter, moon, mercury & sun in mula nakshatra along with saturn, ketu and pluto in purvashadha nakshatra in the sign of Sagittarius”


Cluster means when there is a concentration of energy on that particular sign and the house where it is placed. This concentration of energy can over power that zodiac sign and it's placement. Since, it is taking place in Sagittarius that is a firey and a satvik sign. The most divine of the firey signs. It is a sign that connects with divine power & knowledge. So, this shall be a powerful cluster for the year.

I've been watching all over the television about the priests and astrologers following ancient astrology scaring shit out of people that a war might take place or something destructive may happen in people's life.

So is that true or it is something to worry about?

no,not at all. See astrology is not about scaring people. Rather it is a science, it is calculative. The main reason why astrology was discovered, was to make people aware about the occult science. To guide people for good. To make them aware about what can happen. So, that they can rectify what their own actions accordingly. For maintaining the importance of spirituality of oneself.

So this cluster is going to bring a fatalistic and rigid set of believes for an individual concerning the house where the cluster is going to place. It is the sowing of a seed for something new that can be either positive or negative depending upon the condition of the horoscope.

Secondly, the result of the eclipse is to set a schedule for something. The eclipse is setting a clock to deal with very fatalistic view point towards the houses it is taking place, for the year 2020. For eg. if you are aries ascendent than the eclipse shall take place in the 9th house, so the person shall develop a rigid set of belief as 9th house represents the higher self higher beliefs. A person might start believing to follow a set of rules and may oppose other set of rules that are against his belief. all of it depends upon the ashtakvarga score that the planets are giving to Sagittarius sign.

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