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Venus in cancer

September 01 to September 28,2020

Venus has just transited into the sign of cancer. So the sign of cancer is one of the feminine signs. All we know it by is the sign that is all about giving. The sign of nourishment, motherly love, care, compassion and what not. And venus, venus is the planet for love romance beauty even astrology. Shurkrachakrya (venus) was the most brilliant astrologer. He was inside shiva, where he got the knowledge and wisdom of astrology and came out of shiva in the form of his semen. That is why venus represents semen in case of men.

So venus coming into the sign of cancer. Most of the astrologers do not consider it to be a very good placement. Since venus is neutral to moon. So it is assumed that venus does not feel comfortable here. But my thoughts are bit contradicting here. Venus, that is how we express our love and how we appreciate the creativity and beauty around us is now in the sign of nourishment. So that simply means that this will be a month of love flowing with one’s emotions. This is all about providing, taking care, expressing emotions in matters of love.

Transit effect: venus has just left the sign of gemini where there was rahu. So venus was being corrupted by rahu. Venus or we can say love has been manipulative in the month of August,2020. Venus has undergone the corruption and manipulation of rahu. But now venus in cancer receiving the direct aspect of saturn will face the reality in matters of love. Saturn is all about practicality and giving a reality check.

So now people will get reality check in there relationships. Choices will be made between what is manipulation and what is reality.

On the other hand mars is giving it’s 4th aspect from the sign of aries. As a result, such an expression of love will be filled with passion.

NOTE: venus and the sign of cancer both are the soft in nature. Being aspected by two malefics i.e saturn and mars can be a bit challenging. Expressing love will not be easy during this month. But regardless of all the chaos, it will be worth something.

Try to control spendings. Do not spend out of emotions especially.

Since venus also represents the currency, so there shall be a lot of fluctuations in currencies. there shall be changes in the surroundings. you may have encounters with old or simply mature people during this month. It is advisable to help elderly and handicapped people this month.

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