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Venus Retrograde 2023

Let’s understand venus retrograde in a simplified way.

Retrograde means a planet reversing its motion or when a planet rotates and moves in an opposite direction. This planet comes closer to the earth and the sun i.e becomes more impactful or “active” in simple language.

Venus, a planet of love, romance, union, balance, devotion, luxury, comfort, diplomacy etc.

Venus retrograde simply means retrospecting your actions. It’s not just about that but venus retrograde is about loving oneself, especially when it is being reversed in the sign of leo.

Venus retrograde in leo 23rd JULY,2023- 7th AUGUST,2023 - leo has two sides to it, first being a sign of love, romance, enjoyment, lust another being spiritual, mythology lover, understanding universe and helpfulness. Venus is here to first make you pay off your karma, by revisiting your past and having an interactive session with the ones of your past or past lives in respect of love, compassion and attachment. You shall visit your past ties so as to break them once and for all and start fresh once venus goes direct. So anything thats left undone shall be done now.

Venus retrograde in cancer 7th AUGUST 2023 - 4th SEPTEMBER 2023 - cancer is home, happiness, comfort, security, structure on a positive end, whereas an the negative end cancer is jealousy, posession, expectation etc.

retrograde venus is here to find back its ground and structure. All your expectations are going to experience a major reality check as saturn is also retrograde in Aquarius at this point. The lesson is to learn the balance of you expectations. Not every situation needs to be preplanned, not everything goes as per your expectations. And lastly not everyone deserves your tears just because you were expecting beyond their ability.



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