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What is Bhrigu Bindu? BB in different houses.

Bhrigu Bindu or BB or BP ( Bhrigu point) is referred to a point of destiny in one’s natal chart. It is the point which tells us what are we going to do ultimately in life. One might be doing something else as a part of their career and not feeling satisfied monetarily and emotionally. But once they reach the activation point of their BB, the destiny reveals itself. The universe will push you around through circumstances to make you do what you are meant to do in life which is your destiny point or BB. Some people may reach this stage as early as the age of maybe 12, 18 or as last as 60 or even 80!

So why not benefit one self by knowing it already through astrology.

How to calculate Bhrigu Bindu?

Bhrigu Bindu (BB) is an imaginary mathematical midpoint between Rahu and Moon. To calculate the Bhrigu Bindu point, you need to determine the midpoint between the positions of Rahu (North Node) and the Moon in the birth chart.

It is calculated by deducting the longitude of Rahu from that of Moon and dividing it by 2. The quotient is added to Rahu's degree to determine the Bhrigu Bindu. For example : Rahu is at 10degrees 14 minutes virgo (160’14 calculated from Aries sign) and moon is at 00degrees 30minutes capricorn (270’30 calculated from Aries sign). So subtracting 270’30 - 160’14 = 110’16. Divide the quotient by 2 110’16/2 = 55’08. Now calculate 55’08 from Rahu’s position i.e 55degrees 8minutes from 10degrees 14minutes virgo, the result will be 5degrees 22minutes scorpio. This shall be the Bhrigu Bindu for this individual.

Rahu is often referred to as the planet of desire, while the Moon represents the mind, emotions, and habits. The point at which these two planets intersect is referred to as Bhrigu Bindu. When the BB is well-placed and well-aspected, it indicates good fortune, fame, and success. However, a poorly placed or aspected BB suggests obstacles, difficulties, and struggles.

Bhrigu Bindu through houses.

1st house: independent work, business, where you have to represent your self/skills/talent, personality development, work related to head or brain like surgeon, psychologist etc., travel, acting, etc.

2nd house: public speaker, family business, financial managers/strategist, wine tasting, food bloggers, accountants, dealing in medicines, people who use their voice for work, jewellers, data analyst, lifestyle coach, etc.

3rd house: marketing, IT professionals, social media influencers, writers, martial arts, boxers, makeup artists, software developers, content creators, editors, travel bloggers, etc.

4th house: architects, builders, construction workers, interior designers/decorators, selling products related to comforts like air conditioner, furniture etc., heart surgeons, teacher, software designers/builders, hotel management, chefs, lawyers, judge, psychologist, real estate agents etc.

5th house: peadiatrician, teacher, YouTubers, civil services, content creators, educationist, directors, professions related to children or creative self-expression, fashion designers, choreographers, etc.

6th house: nutritionist, surgeons, doctors, healers, gymnast, fitness bloggers, accountants, bankers, data keepers, debt managers, divorce lawyers, policemen, dealing in medicines, etc.

7th house: business, partnerships, lawyers, professions related to travel, match maker, politics, gains through spouse, event organisers/planners, wedding planners, etc.

8th house: occultist, researchers, data analyst, strategic managers, insurance, portfolio managers, accountants, real estate agents, surgeons, manufacturers, wealth managers, creators, commission work, politicians, astrologers, construction workers, etc.

9th house: lecturers, work related to travel, travel guide, educationist, preachers, consultants, advisors, diplomats, foreign services, etc.

10th house: business, start-ups, govt official, entrepreneurship, mentorship, education institute or running any sort of institute, etc.

11th house: corporate work life, MNC, social activist, scientists, gains through social circle, event organisers/planners, etc.

12th house: spiritualist, astrologers, import-export business, artists, psychologists, doctors, jail workers, foreign services, dealing in medicines/drugs, Novel writers, business related to imagination, escape room designers, etc.

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Hi Anmoll!

You are one of the best astrologers there is on YouTube. Unlike many other channels, you always share the most comprehensive information on the topics you create your content on!

I request your clarification regarding the BB concept:

Some of the softwares provide two values for the degrees of Rahu and Ketu: A mean value and an actual value. Which value is usually considered by the astrologers for their calculations?

Thanks a lot. Keep up the good work!

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