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Sun and saturn conjunction in Aquarius.

To understand this conjunction in this zodiac sign you shall need to connect the dots by understanding the following meanings.

Planet sun 🌞 . Sun is one’s soul, pride, personality, self esteem. Sun represents dependability, authority, creative self expression, light, illumination, government etc.

Planet saturn 🪐. Saturn represents one’s organisation, negotiating skills, service, career, achievements, servants etc.

Sign of Aquarius ♒️ . Aquarius is said to be one of the karmic signs because of its co rulership with rahu. This sign represents the original 11th house. The house of recognition, financial growth through career, large population, corporate world, gains, desires etc.

When these two planets come together in the sign of Aquarius. This placement talks about recognition of oneself among large populations. Sun and saturn when come together are forced to work together putting aside their rivalry. It makes a person suppress one’s ego/ pride so as to work for the betterment of others. This conjunction makes a person practical and futuristic, these people are visionaries. They work towards long term growth and success. Since this conjunction is between 5th, 10th & 11th lords in the 11th house, these natives gain fame in life through their skills and talents. These natives use their knowledge & creative self expression as a part of their career.

This conjunction in also associated with government officials as well. This conjunction is also subject to sacrifice. These native are subject to criticism and humiliation especially in their childhood and they outgrow these judgements and humiliation by being successful and confident. These natives prove with action and prefer keeping quiet rather to retaliate or debate.

On a mundane level when these two planets come together in the sign of Aquarius. The government would work or pass rules in favour of the public. Renowned personalities would work for the betterment of the society. This conjunction transiting certain houses can activate recognition in career.

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