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Venus has transited in the sign of gemini. Venus is at 1 degree mrigsira where it is going to conjunct rahu which is at 2degrees45’.

Since mrigsira is the nakshatra of “THE SEARCHING ONE”. This is the nakshatra which is associated with MATA PARVATI SEARCHING FOR HER SHIVA. The gemini side Mrigsira nakshatra is the search of spirituality, companionships.

So with rahu & venus coming together here. People will obsess about relationships. They will go on searching different things, specifically online. This can lead to stalking too. People will be concerned and over possessive in relationships & love matters. You’ll see almost everyone single or committed ones, most of discussion will be around love & relationships.

For the time venus conjuncts rahu till 4 degrees. There will be obsession over communication, expressing, “YOU ARE MINE” kind of behaviour.

Because Rahu simply magnifies the qualities of the planet it sits with. Apart from this there is going to be search or i shall say an obsessive search for spirituality.

NOTE: It is advisable to not take very important decisions till AUGUST 06,2020.

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