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What are retrograde planets?

Firstly retrograde means directed or moving backwards. So in case of planets, when a planet goes retrograde it simply means it goes backward. Usually retrograde planets make us come across wither our past life karma or things of our past in this life. For example: past relationships, past disputes, past friendships.

What does mercury retrograde means?

Mercury retrograde simply means mercury directing backwards. Usually retrograde planets give results of the previous house from where they are transiting or posited. But this in still under research. In my experience I’ve seen retrograde planets giving marriage or foreign travel while they are transiting.

What does mercury do while it’s retrograde?

So while a planet becomes retrograde, everything related to that particular planet happens back and forth. Mercury is a planet of communication, learning, languages, short travels, skills, education, intellect, logical thinking, analytical behavior and much more. So while mercury is retrograde one shall reflect & review the things of past.

For instance: while I was writing this blog I made mistake with the spelling of retrograde as ‘reterograde’. I already knew the correct spelling but I ended up writing the wrong one and correcting it like 20 times. So what I have observed in my experience with mercury retrograde, people tend to have problems with technology on a basic level. There’s always a repetitive issue with computers or any other technology.

The other thing we see with mercury retrograde is that a person becomes forgetful since mercury represents our nervous system and our memory as well.

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