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Mercury is going retrograde on February 17th , 2020 to March 10th , 2020. But there is something to consider which is called as shadow period. Whenever a planet shifts its position it starts giving effect much before the date of transit. That is why we are able to see it's effects before the date. So mercury retrograde will be effecting from February 2nd, 2020 to March 30th, 2020.

So now we’ll see how it affects different signs. Remember the result of a transit majorly depends upon the Ashtakvarga and Bhinnashtakavarga score (mathematical numbers given to different houses in astrology). These scores are different for each individual. And it tells us whether a transit will give positive or negative or average results to the native in its transit period.

A transit is to be seen from moon sign and ascendant. From ascendant sign it reflects what is to happen. Whereas, from the moon sign it shows what will the person will feel about it.

1. Aries (♈)

transit in 11th house

It will cause disappointment from friends or friendships. There can be miscommunication with elder siblings or friends.They shall come across past friendships or past disputes within friendship.

2. Taurus (♉️)

transit in 10th house

It will effect what you present out in public or a person’s social image. Positive or negative image depends upon the ashtakvarga score. for e.g.: if mercury is giving 6 points to the 10th house the person's image shall uplift in the society whereas with points like 4 or below a person can suffer problem with social image or miscommunication with authoritative figures at workplace.

3. Gemini (♊️)

transit in 9th house

For Gemini ascendant and moon there will be a change of heart or belief of the person. Since 9th house represents the higher knowledge, guru or father there can be miscommunication with them. A person may think about what they believed in past and reflect & review them. There can either be travels involved in this period or travelling will not prove to be beneficial in this period (depends upon score in Bhinnashtakavarga ).

4. Cancer (♋️)

transit in 8th house

So cancer ascendant & moon people may come across things which were hidden before. They will get to know hidden secrets. They will bring old stuff out which would require healing. You will get to know things which were not known to you before so believe them. Trust what’s coming to you.

5. LEO (♌️)

transit in 7th house

Past relationships of Leo will come back. There will be realization about the other person, the way you misunderstood them before. Make sure to have a clear communication and better understanding with them now. Don’t misread or misunderstand. You‘ll find it difficult to hear or understand what they are truly saying. Healing can be there in past relationships.

6. Virgo (♍️)

transit in 6th house

Make sure to get your health checked in this period. There can be issues with digestive system or nervous system as well. There can be miscommunication with co-workers or employees. If mercury is giving good score in 6th house there can be getting rid of past loans or debts smartly.

7. Libra (♎️)

transit in 5th house

Since 5th house is of children romance creativity n much more. There can be miscommunication with children or love encounters. A person may get to know something about their children which was not known to them before. A person may come across past love in this time period. There can be miscommunication with children so try to be more clear and concise with them. In case there were some pending creative ideas that will get accomplished in this time period.

8. Scorpio (♏️)

transit in 4th house

Since 4th house represents mother, home and vehicles. There can be miscommunication with the mother. Try to understand her and talk to her about what your feelings. Make sure to look after your vehicles. If there is any problem going on with vehicles or land or property. Then get it corrected.

9. Sagittarius (♐️)

transit in 3rd house

Be careful with short travels, plan it properly. Make sure people understand what you are trying to say. Be clear on what you are uploading or communicating on social media. You have to put efforts in communication. Can go back and forth in while writing. Miscommunication with younger sibling can be there. Try to be fully prepared with what you are trying to communicate with people and on social media.

10. Capricorn (♑️)

transit in 2nd house

2nd house is the house of savings, investments and speech. Make sure to look after where you spend because you might end up spending unnecessarily and be out of money. Be clear with your speech. Make sure to be truthful with what you say. There can be conflicts with family members so try to talk things out with them.

11. Aquarius (♒️)

transit in 1st house

In this period Aquarius moon & ascendant people will change, how they feel about themselves. Since 1st house is you, yourself, your body, the confidence of the person changes. Whether for good or for bad depends upon how much score mercury is giving to Aquarius sign in your horoscope. They will come across some hidden or secret information related to past. Interest in ancient knowledge may develop at this time.

12. Pisces (♓️)

transit in 12th house

Pisces people will start thinking about past experiences. They'll be thinking & dreaming about past relationships. They might end up avoiding people and feeling comfortable within their private space. There shall be back n forth coming with social & private life.

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